Ideal Cocktail Bar

three quarters of century of story

In 1931 when Antonio Gotarda founded Ideal it was a reflection of the finest bars in Europe, whose style hadn´t yet reached Barcelona. During it´s 40 years, Ideal has been lucky to share residence with Metro Goldwin Mayer. Amongst this companies fine actors is Charlton Heston, who could be seen in the rooms easy chairs with dark wooden walls.

At the end of the fifties Ideal was redecorated with the English style it retains today, with wood as principal element, as well as the pictures that adorn the walls, created for artists of the height of Vives Fierro, Abelló, Carlos Pazos or Medina-Campeny. Happy clientel spilt into the streets spreading the word, helped along by the kind words about Ideal by the famous writers Josep Pla, fan of the whiskey and Dry Martini with a drop of angostura, and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, malt whiskey defender.

Currently, Jose Maria Gotarda, grandson of Ideals founder, is the owner. Renowned barman and winner of various international prizes, Jose Maria Gotarda knows all the secrets of the cocktail world and maintains the level of excellence that Ideal has always held. Born in Barcelona in 1963, surrounded by cocktails, a mixture of glasses, spoons and alcohols, he has worked in many bars such as Hotel Palace, Balmoral Madrid, Hotel Warwick Paris. He later travelled Canada to then return to Spain to take over the family business.