Ideal Cocktail Bar

carta cocktails

Ideals cocktail menu is endless, containing every cocktail that might tickle your tastebuds!

We feature a sweet Pina Colada as made in the Caribbean with real imported coconut milk from Puerto Rico. The house special Mojito originated in the 1982 World Cup with a special rum, ginger ale and orange twist. Whether you are a bar regular or not, you will always be welcomed and well looked after at Ideal. The bartenders have the uncanny abiltity of guessing just what you need with a simple question like: A dry or slightly sour cocktail?

“What we value more than our menu is the fact that our clientel can can ask for what they fancy and that we can fulfil this desire with original cocktails made on the spot.”

malta whisky list

One of our major successes is our incredible malt whisky list. Selecting from this ninety strong menu you can savour the best malt whiskys from around the world. It contains some of the most exquisite distilleries in all of Scotlands whisky regions.


carta gins & vodka

Ideal allows you to choose from forty varietes of Gin for custom-made drinks. On top of this, G&Ts have been fashionable in Ideal for forty plus years and Jose Maria Gotarda prides himself on offering a more complete Gin menu than other bars.